Genting Theme Parks That Must Be Visited In 2020


Genting Highland is one of the most popular places in Malaysia that must be visited with family and friends. In order to add more fun to your holiday, Genting’s theme park attracts thousands of tourists every year. As the perfect summer resort, people can enjoy hundreds of amusement facilities, water sports and coveted food in these theme parks.

1. Skytropolis Funland

The new Skytropolis Funland is located in First World Genting, just beside of SkyCasino. The amusement facilities of Skytropolis Funland indoor theme park include balloon race, skyscraper, sky towers, disco, bumper boss, storm voyage, spin crazy and so on!

Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park
Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park in Genting Highlands

2. Virtual Reality Game -The Void

Genting cooperates with The Void, Lucasfilm and ILMXLab to create the first virtual reality game in Asia, pushing the virtual reality of mobile positioning (VR) to a new level, and making the Star Wars universe popular in the world come true from fantasy through multi-sensory immersive experience!!

Virtual Reality Game -The Void
Virtual Reality Game -The Void in Genting World

3. Bigtop Video Games Park

Enter the new circus-themed “Base Camp Video Game City”, everyone can become a hero! All kinds of entertainment facilities gather in the amusement paradise, let all of you enjoy the fun!

Bigtop Video Games Park
Bigtop Video Games Park in Genting Highlands

4、Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Believe it or not, explore the mysteries of the world! Welcome to experience the incredible mystery of the world. Let’s have a wonderful exploration trip.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not
Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Genting Highlands

5、Zombie Outbreak

Facing the zombies from all around, there is no escape. You can only fight with the horrible and ferocious zombies and fight for the chance to survive.

Zombie Outbreak
Zombie Outbreak in Genting Highlands

6. SnowWorld

Entering the winter European village, stepping on the snowy street, the unique lighting effect changes day and night, and snowflakes fall from the sky. The legendary Snowman making and snowball smashing are not only the plots in the movie but also can be staged here one by one.

Snow World
Snow World in Genting Highlands

7. Vision City Video Games Park

A row of more than 400 video games, colourful fantasy video game city, to play what there is. Hit the ground mouse, fish for goldfish, classic game Pac man and street overlord, let your childlike burst out. Like more challenging, the laser shooting experience of crisis 5 can satisfy you.

Vision City Video Games Park
Vision City Video Games Park

8. Genting bowl

Can’t resist the itch? Let’s show off your skills. There are 20 fairways in Genting bowling, so you can compete with your relatives and friends. In the evening, there is a night light bowling to lighten your mood. Need a rest, just go to the back of the small round table, drink a drink to recharge.

9. Genting Cinema

Genting movie city gives you a more shocking experience. This international high-end cinema with both the retro and the urban sense has IMAX large screen cinema and the first gold class D-box seat equipment in the whole house so that the audience can enjoy the extraordinary on-the-spot movie journey.

10. Dreamlike performance with sound sky symphony

Visit the SkyAvenue hall, put in spectacular alternative story presentation, and experience the shocking visual effect!

Presented by the honour of Genting world, “sky symphony” is a free public performance, combining the magnificent sound effect, visual effect and animation program. Through the interaction between the dynamic changes of 1001 light balls suspended in the height of four floors and the visual effects of the film, we create an unparalleled visual feast for the audience and tell you fascinating fantasy stories. Every performance will be accompanied by wonderful original music, the perfect combination of video and audio.

Dreamlike performance with sound sky symphony
Dreamlike performance with sound sky symphony

So many interesting and funny things, what are you waiting for? Hurry up bring your family go to Genting Highlands!


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